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Baku Funshiki Download

  • Developer: Playtown Bingo
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Baku Funshiki

In this game, you have to ride your box around in a giant factory to collect diamonds.

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  • Gohst

    In this strange game from Japan, you’re a man riding a box. A box which shoots flames. And it’s your goal to collect odd little diamonds.

    This game is nicely presented in 3D and shows a beautiful world filled with boxes and some other big rotating things. But whatever this game is about, it’s addictive. Looking around the giant room, it’s almost hypnotic.

    Whatever it is, it’s definitely got hooks. It grabs you and pulls you in and no matter what I’ve just got to slide around the floor on that big box of mine and collect those diamonds which are laying about. I can’t help it. It’s addictive.

    The sounds are minimalistic and for the most part are out of the way. The music is a bit loud but no matter. It works and makes me want to keep playing, so something is right there.

    Overall, this game should be enjoyed by anyone who wants a challenge from a game with a bit of a difference, and for such a small download containing so much game it is unmissable.

  • Anonymous

    Great game concept! kept me amused for hours! The point is to collect all gems while you steer a box.

  • Jigar

    If you tilt sideways you are gone. Further the graphics are confusing in the 3-d plot.

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