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Grand Theft Auto Download

  • Developer: rockstar games
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Grand Theft Auto

As far as the grand theft auto series goes, nothing beats GTA1 for sheer gameplay

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  • Acidic's picture

    As far as the Grand Theft Auto series goes, nothing beats the first Grand Theft Auto for sheer gameplay. It could be played hours and hours whether you spent your time driving around blowing things up or driving from phone to phone getting missions to earn yourself some cash.

    The graphics are great, especially for the time the game was made (1997) even thou GTA is not completely 3D as is the case in GTA3

    The part that surprised me the most about this free release of GTA is that it is not in fact the original GTA, no no no, Rockstar have actually updated the engine slightly so that is will run better on new computers. Aaah isn’t that nice of them.

    As comes with all things in life there is a catch, you have to register with your email, name, address etc. they will then send you a link for the download. Oh and another catch, check the download size… OW, yup all the cut scenes are still in the game so the download size is a whopping 328 MB.

  • Crypts

    First of all, the game is played from an ariel view, which is not only HARD on your eyes, but makes it hard to find anything unless you have maps and even then, it takes forever to get from place to place.

    After an hour or so playing this game, you get a headache, trust me. Also, you can only SAVE the game at ONE save place in each city (level). This is really stupid; You should be able to save it whenever you wish.

    Last but not least, the graphics are not great at all, especially the characters. They look like stick people. The cars look cool however and there are many to choose from.

    It's an OK game if you want to take out some aggression and blow up cars, people, cops, etc. Good stress reliever! GTA2 is much better graphics wise, but still has the same faults as this one. The only good thing about this game is it's FREE.

  • Imran Rulez

    The Grand Theft Auto series are completely excellent!
    I cannot believe how much effort has been put into this game!

    The creators deserve Gold Medals!

    My favorite parts are when you start to run around from phone to phone completing crazy missions!

    I'll give you beginners a handy tip if you want to advance in the game:
    When you first start in the Training mission, go to the first telephone you see and wait for the guys instructions, then just keep following the pink markers of the guided tour.

    When you finish he'll thank you and give you a little surprise.

    What else can I say but DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!!
    You will love it seriously!

  • Sandman

    Don't expect any 3D graphics like GTA3 or San Andreas but the graphics are very nice. It's like you are driving around in little toy cars. There are plenty of fun missions but you can also choose to just drive around, steal cars and sell them or have the police chasing you through town and setting up roadblocks. Oh and don't forget the cool music on the car radio! I had as much fun with GTA1 as with it's 3D sequels, maybe even more. It's also fun to check out the modding community on the net, where they design new cars for the game up to this day.

  • Anonymous

    If you are the kind of person whom, like me, loves blowing things up, and driving cars, then this game is the one for you. Not only does it have such rich gameplay, it also makes an excellent game that could be played for hours on end. This game as many of you know is first of the series of GTA and is played sandbox style. This game, as well as being such a great game within itself, is also a great keepsake of what was once a belter of a game in the year 1997.

  • Nick The Brick

    Very fun game but can be too fast. Can't even drive for 5 seconds without crashing into another car. Oh blame the download size on the musice files, they're around 260-300MB. I deleted 'em and made GTA turn off the music. Other than that the game rules!

  • Prashanth

    But it's not worth the size of the download. This is due to cut-scenes.

    If the cut-scenes were removed its would be a well worth it download.

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