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Napkin Race Download

  • Developer: steinware
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Napkin Race

Napkin race allows you, and up to three of your buddies to race around on a napkin

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  • Gaskap

    While the concept of racing on a diaper is original, the implementation is horrible. The difficulty level is much too high. Even the so-called easy level is virtually unwinnable, suggesting that the authors (who doubtlessly played their own game for hours on end while developing) did not bother to ask other, more novice players to playtest.

    Moreover, there is a serious bug in the Tag program. One of the CPU cars gets at least a 3.5-second headstart, which means they only need 6.5 seconds of untagged time to win, whereas everyone else (including you) needs a full 10.

    This is one diaper that I would definitely call "soiled."

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculously hard. The game itself is set at a slow pace, and controls are not too responsive. That combination by itself would be bearable BUT once you see the other cars turning, you turn and move so slowly that it is impossible to catch up. The authors should have made up for this by making the cpu cars slower, like most sane racing games would. The up/down movement on the terrain just makes it more frustrating since you often can't even see the cpu cars turning until it is too late. And the race version is like trying to steer an elephant through a keyhole. I don't recommend this game at all.

  • Rekall

    Napkin race allows you, and up to three of your buddies to race around on a napkin.

    Napkin race supports split screen for up to 3 players and also allows for network multiplayer games. The game requires OpenGL support and the graphics are fun and cartoon-like.

    There are two modes of play to choose from: Checkpoint race and Tag race.

    Napkin race makes for some amusing gaming and offers a bit of humour thrown in with an otherwise solid racing game.

    N.B: you can also download add-ons from the developer's site

  • Anonymous

    This is a classic mini game of those we 'll keep in our computers forever. The physics are well designed and some car bumps are hilarious. The graphics are simple, but this is outweighted by the gameplay.

    If only the levels were more complex.

  • Anonymous

    its the best racing game which supports 4 player split screen .highly fun and addictive.

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