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Beats Of Rage Download

  • Developer: senile
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Beats Of Rage

An excellent Beat-em-up

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  • Rekall

    Beats of Rage is the combination of two of the best beat-em-up games around, Streets of Rage and King of Fighters.

    The game included all the characters from King of Fighters and fuses them with the insane game play from Streets of Rage. The characters are direct sprite rips, so the overall quality is really good as the screenshot shows.

    You will have to take on the evil Rugal and you will have to beat your way through countless thugs to get to him.

    Overall, Beats of Rage is an excellent re-make which combines infectious game play with skilfully rendered characters and levels. If you’re looking to champion games like Street Fighter, then Beats of Rage is a strong contender.

  • Bartleby throatfiller

    Beats of Rage is a great side scrolling beat 'em up in the vein of Final Fight. In a world full of 3D games it's nice to see someone bringing back the art of 2D button mashing fun. Beats of Rage is actually an engine able to run many "mods". This means that there are a ton of different games for one to play.

  • Ninkul

    Great game! There is a whole community out there that support Beats Of Rage along with a lot of modifications!

  • Erwin

    This is cool.

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