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Beertender 2 Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Beertender 2

Serve beer to all your needy customers

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  • Pedro

    This is a really simple but really fun game. The concept is genius, the playability is simple, the graphics are merely the necessary. The great trump card that this game has to play is its playability. Spacebar is the one key used, which makes for fast and frantic gameplay. And believe me, this game is TOUGH (I never got past the second level).

    Long story short, for 0.4mb, you couldn't ask for more. And the game window is small, too, which means your boss won't notice :D.

    Download it!

  • Zero

    This game is quite amusing. You are a bar tender and must server beer to all your customers before they disappear. Its a simple game, but is entertaining for a short while. The graphics are quite good, but the music gets a bit much after a while.

  • Phily

    Its prety good but the original is beter. The advantages are that that with this version you canchose to have it in english unlike the original which was in germon. I reccomend to get the 1st game but overall it comes to personal chocie

  • Legsmo

    This is a good looking remake of the classic game Tapper unfortunatly the dancing girls distraction is missing (they'd distract the customers when you picked up a tip) but its still kinda fun.

  • RobM

    You can move the beertender down an aisle to a) collect crispbags and b) deliver a romantic meal for two (see bottom right for the candles).

  • PaNdEcKā„¢

    You must pass beer to your customers. This would be easy but... Just download it and play it and you will see. You will not regreat it!

  • Rron

    It's a nice game but I really don't like it, it's stupid.

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