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Ben 10 Alien Force OmniMatch Download

  • Developer: Ben 10 Alien Force 1.0
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Ben 10, Omnimatch, Softendo
Ben 10 Alien Force OmniMatch

A casual puzzle game similar to popular "Match 3" games in the market.

A puzzle game where you have to match the pictures of aliens featured in Ben 10 to make them vanish and score points. The number of alien types and speed of the timer increases as you progress in levels.

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  • EvilGamer's picture

    Ben 10 Alien Force OmniMatch is basically a "Match 3" game where you have to swap one alien picture with another adjacent to it and make at least three pictures match up either vertically or horizontally. When matches are made, the images disappear and the rest of the "tiles" or "blocks" cascade down to fill the empty spaces. You go one until either you move to the next level or the timer runs out.

    The game features the alien races Ben can transform into using the Omnitrix, as in the cartoon. The gameplay is simple enough and the familiar aliens may entice younger mids to try the game out.

    The graphics are simple enough and the tiles with the aliens are distinguishable enough to make the game playable. Although the screen size defaults to a small window and, in high-resolution monitors, the tiles may appear too small. Fortunately, the game seems to have no issues with stretching or maximizing the window. It is advisable to do so. The audio is catchy, if a little scratchy. While the sound effects of sliding the tiles and making a match are not terrible, they aren't terribly endearing either.

    The game's controls are somewhat different from other Match 3 games, though. instead of using a mouse, you have to use the keyboard arrow keys and the space bar to make the tiles move around. It seems to make more sense to enable the mouse to make the moves in the game as the target audience is obviously the younger generation and a mouse would be easier for kids to control. It would also save a player precious seconds to make a tile swap if he could just mouse to the tile instead of repeatedly pressing arrow keys to navigate to it, then press the space bar to select it for swapping, then pressing an arrow key again to make the tile go slide in a specific direction.

    Good game for kids and for the die-hard match 3 enthusiasts or if you are of the latter, have kids, and want to introduce them to the genre.

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