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Bernard Download

  • Developer: The Peasants
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Fight against Nationalliberal's minions on your journey to regain the deeds to Bernard and Hank's family farm.

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  • Mr mike

    In my opinion, Bernard & Hank is an awesome platform game. It has a very old school Nintendo feel to it from the start. With simple, yet well designed 2D graphics and game play that can be related to the legendary Mario Brothers.

    The story behind Bernard & Hank is as follows: Bernard and Hank live happily on their family farm. One day Nationalliberal (an evil businessman) decides he wants to build over Bernard and Hank's farm, he sends out his minions who steal the deeds to Bernard and Hanks farm. Bernard and Hank decide they had better get the deeds back and it is your task to defeat Nationalliberal's minions and regain those deeds.

    Game play is as one would expect from a 2D game, you can shoot minions with your handgun or jump on their heads to kill them. Be careful because it takes more than one jump/shot to kill them! With many obstacles and minions, floating platforms and large jumps this game does require some skil.

    There are over 40 levels in Bernard & Hank which will keep you entertained for a while (luckily you can save your games). I recommend this game to any platform/Mario Brothers game fans.

  • Jimmy

    Being from West Virginia, I am more often than not offended by "redneck" themed games such as Redneck Rampage and Junkyard Wars (you probably won't remember that). However, Bernard & Hank is definitely an exception.

    It is filled with terrifically designed levels, and great music. A few problems, however, are the fact that when the music repeats its loop, the game momentarily locks up for a split second. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but when you're in the middle of one of the game's demented jumping puzzles (like jumping on an invincible enemy's head to reach an ice-caked tiny floating platform while avoiding giant swinging wrecking balls) it can make you lose control of your character, either Bernard or Hank.

    All problems aside, however, this is a great game that should definitely be downloaded.

  • W.S.W

    This is a fun game like Mario is, but I could not get pased the 4 level because this game has a bad bug, Hank gets stuck and you can't move him. You can't jump your way out all, you can do is restart, this is what happens
    every time I play the game.

    Hope you have better luck.

  • Drake

    I thought this game was horrible, I found myself jumping off a ledge and getting trapped in the ground, having to restart. Over all I don't recommend it to anyone who has a taste in games.

  • Joshuanovi

    Yep, a pretty good game, I say. I LOVE the graphics, sound and music.
    I got up to World 3, level 11. THAT LEVEL IS TOO HARD! Sorry 'bout the dirty word, parents. But I fixed it up!

  • Ruciful

    This game is fun because it's similar Mario but you have a gun and there are more obstacle and enemies. It's story is quite good and it's unique!

  • Acidic

    I thought this game was really fun. I nice Nintendo style. Good Stuff.

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