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The Blob Download

  • Developer: Oogst
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Blob

Using your expanding and contracting colourful body, paint an entire city with its inky inhabitants.

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  • Gohst

    In this game you are... actually... I don't know what that thing is. It's just a blob of liquid paint. It's stuck in a huge city where the inhabitants are also paint. The blob absorbs these people and paints the sterile city with them. It's fun!

    So you absorb these people and paint their buildings. What else is there to do? Well, firstly avoid the black guys. They are INKT Agents and will turn you into ink, not paint. The only way to turn back is to roll into water. However too much water makes you shrink.

    Sometimes shrinking is good, as some key portions of the game are accessible only by low doorways. The object is to paint various landmarks around the town. By growing a specific size (eg, at least five people) and a specific colour - absorb two different coloured people to form a new colour - and you hit the right target, you get that "landmark".

    Once you've done all them, there are fifty tokens to collect. Apparently, there's a bonus if you get all of them - I managed to get 47 and spent ages looking for the last few. Which brings me to the downside - no saves. Every time you play this it has to be from scratch. That's unfortunate, but it does afford you the opportunity to, well, start from scratch. It's not completely annoying, but I would have liked to see saves.

    Other than that, the only downside is its one level long. The flip side of that is the level is huge and there is tonnes to explore. Try painting the billboards different colours. This is an expansive, impressive and original game which is definitely worth the admittedly hefty download.

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