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  • Developer: Circle Infotech
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A surprisingly fun puzzle game which perfectly melds reflexes, arcade and arithmatic.

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  • Gohst

    Mathematics. What's not to love? OK, well, everything basically. But when you put it in a big cartoony jelly-like version of Tetris, slap some techno beats behind it, are given a time limit and high scores... suddenly maths becomes that subject I didn't hate in school.

    So the idea here is to make groups of blocks. Sounds easy enough. But not just that, groups of groups. Sound confusing? Let me put it another way. If there's a block with the number "2" next to two "1" blocks, connect the two "1"'s - that makes it a "2" block (because of 1+1). Then you have a group of two "2" blocks. They are removed from play.

    The above rules apply to the game (and are much easier to understand while playing) and moreover apply to every number. If you happen to foul up and make a gargantuan "15" piece - you'll somehow have to create a set of fifteen "15" pieces to remove them from play.

    It's tough, but fair. And it gives your brain a work out (I can still feel mine throbbing in my skull - is that a good thing?) It's fun. It's puzzly. It's unique and it looks great. What's not to love?

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