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Bod Blob Download

  • Developer: buziol games
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Bod Blob

An awesome platform puzzler.

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  • Acidic's picture

    I was first drawn to the Polish freeware game developers Buzoil Games when I played their Super Mario clone: Super Mario Forever and let me just say I’m now hooked to their clean professional style.

    In Bod Blob you play a delightfully cute blob (assumedly named Bod) whose aim is to push large concrete blocks over the edge of a number of ledges into the water below. However, most unfortunately, our friendly blob can’t jump; this makes it difficult for him to complete his block shoving task. So what he lacks in brawn you must make up in intelligence, you have to arrange each goo driven heave so that you are able eventually get all the blocks in the water. This is no where as easy as it sounds and trust me this game does get really difficult.

    Bod Blob is another very well made professional from my new favorite Buzoil Games, I really recommend you download this one.

  • Ben

    I also enjoyed their rendition of Super Mario Bros despite its minor glitches it was a good freeware effort on their part, this game however was good. (4/5) but not fantastic - while the graphics were pretty and polished it was also Polish - excuse the pun. Anyway apart from the rather insane difficulty curve from kids to superhuman which meant I only got to level 5! It is a nice IQ logic tester. Worth the download if you have 20 minutes to burn..

  • Laney

    This is a very entertaining puzzle game with good graphics and controls. Blob is easy to control in the puzzles which increase in difficulty as you progress. Quite addictive gameplay.

    My only criticism is that it does not have enough levels!

    Well worth the download... PLAY IT!

  • Julian

    Really enjoying this game. Bod is a cute green bird, he chirrups and mumbles to himself when not moving about. Graphics are good, clear clean colours and attractive scenery. Sound is very good, delightful! Smooth movements with keyboard arrows and spacebar. I recommend it.

  • Nastya

    Can you please tell me how to go through level 15? I've been thinking about it for 2 months already, all the other levels I passed in 2 days.

    Thanks alot!

  • Kurniawan

    Average graphics but pretty cool idea tough. If you don't mind about the average graphics then download this.

  • Daho

    Very nice! But I'm stuck at level 15. How many levels it contains?

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