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Breakout in Space Download

  • Developer: Oliver Ziegler
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Breakout in Space

Two nearly identical remakes of Breakout which rely heavily on their bonuses for interest.

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  • Gohst

    There is no need to introduce the following game. It’s like Tetris or Mario, everyone knows what it is and if you don’t know, then you will soon find out. Besides, it’s not difficult – you break bricks with a ball. How much more explanation do you need?

    You’ll need at least some, because I have to tell you what makes this one different to the rest of similar remakes out there. Firstly, not a lot. These two remakes suffer from the usual run of things which plague Breakout fan games: A hard to control ball and… well, that’s really summed up all the annoyances in one.

    Other than that, the graphics are so-so and the overly retro sound effects do get a little weary from time to time, but hold up well. The Thor’s Hammer thud of the ball hitting bricks gets very tired, very quick, though. Mainly the emphasis is on the powerups, of which there are bucketloads. A whole screen is devoted to them on start up and you will quickly forget what most of them do. Trial and error while in game will be your best friend.

    Over all, it’s a fairly on-par remake and though its not quite as fun as other versions of the same game, its high quantity of bonuses and small file size coupled with the variety of levels should pique the interest of dial-up gamers. Enjoy.

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