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Catch The Bears Download

  • Developer: ots software
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Catch The Bears

Catch The Bears is a 3D game for kids

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  • Clockwork Beast

    The moment I ran the game, I recognized every aspect of it. It was created by a little-known (and little-loved) program known as "The 3D Gamemaker". This program not only has all the predone coding, it only allows you to select your weapon, your opponents, and one or two pickups.

    If you work hard, T3DGM can actually make something worth playing, but this game displays a complete lack of quality or worth. The level was pre-designed, the character was as well, and there is absolutely nothing custom in this game.

    Worst of all, the gameplay is tired and uninteresting. I do NOT recommend that you download this worthless excuse for a childs game. My younger brother even deigned to say that it is "STUPID". And he is five.

  • Zero

    Catch The Bears is a 3D game for kids. Your monkey has lost all of his teddy bears, now you must guide him along many roads to try find all his teddy bears.

    Your main obstacle is all the holes in the road. You can run around them or attempt to jump over them.

    You get 25 points for every teddy bear collected, but there is a time limit so go fast.

  • Lisa

    My younger kids really enjoy this game. It is a great first game for small children. I highly recommend it.

  • Caeonosphere

    Horrible, unoriginal, unresponsive, just NOT FUN.

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