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Cautious George Download

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Cautious George

A Minesweeper-like game with a person actually searching for the mines in a field.

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  • Gohst

    To be honest, in all my years of reviewing here I never thought I would ever review a remake of Minesweeper. If one thing can be said about the freeware community is: its never not surprising.

    So here we are, a Minesweeper game. I'm assuming you all know the rules? Its been on your computer since you bought the thing, but just in case you played Solitaire more, here are a run down of the rules:

    If a square has the number 1 in it, that means in any of the squares surrounding it, there is just one bomb. If the square has a number 0 in it, every space is clear. A number 2 indicates the surrounding squares contain two bombs and so on. Using certain amounts of logic, it can be determined which ones definitely contain a bomb. Mark these squares with a flag (space bar when facing the square) and move on in safety.

    The only drawback I could see is the time. It took a while to move anywhere and each square had to be moved out of with a re-press of the arrow key. Apart from that, Cautious George lives up to its name. He seems very nervous about moving on and you can feel it after a while. Tensions are high and the levels - plenty of them - are entertaining. Recommended for patient puzzle fans.

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