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Cave Chaos Download

  • Developer: Spam
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Cave Chaos

The first in a series of Boulder Dash clones from one man developer Spam

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  • Gohst

    The first thing I thought of when I loaded up this game was how awful spam and cheese would actually be (no offence to our spam fans out there, or our cheese fans). The second and more relevant thought was, hey, this is a lot like Boulder Dash – and it is.

    In this variation on the same theme, which we’ve seen done before, you are a blocky looking triangle who collects spinning disks… for some unspecified reason. While doing this, you must be weary of where you tunnel to obtain those disks, because in this cave with you (and here comes the chaos part) are boulders which can tumble and crush you.

    Joined by the boulders are a few enemies, but more than likely you’ll be “killed” by traps – be these falling rocks which happen to pin, rather than kill you – or by ingenious level design – or even by simply making an error. Fortunately you do get a few tries and the game auto-saves for you.

    If you can get past the blocky graphics, there is a decent game to be found here, with its myriad of levels and difficulties to amuse, and on top of that there’s a level editor, too. The only real down side to it is the atrocious music which was chosen for the game – for God’s sake play this on mute – but if you are listening to the music, please, please, get to the exit before the time runs out. It’s really a good incentive to do that, actually.

    So, yes, a flawed game, but an entertaining one, nonetheless. One which shines, like a spinning disc in the rough, square patches of dirt that unfortunately trap it.

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