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Cave Chaos 3 Download

  • Developer: Spam
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Cave Chaos 3

The third in a series of Boulder Dash clones from one man developer Spam

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  • Gohst

    Yes, you guessed it; Cave Chaos 3 comes right after the other two similarly named games. This one, though, is more graphically advanced than its younger brothers, among other things.

    Those other things include a very impressive menu system (which, in retrospect, was definitely lacking in the originals) and, well, its graphics. They look fantastic. They are a step above the second and-compared to the original-they are of NASA quality. Spam & Cheese has done a great job there.

    But enough about what the game looks like. In this one, you are again collecting diamonds in some cave, and I wish we knew why… but either way, the enemies from the sequel come back to thwart your attempts at collection. Fortunately some welcome help is at hand in the form of plus signs, which allow you to carry five more diamonds per symbol you collect at any given time. Also, the bombs reappear, and there are switches to flick on and off, and of course, those pesky boulders are at it again.

    What can be said about the third in a series, which hasn’t been said before? Well, except that it’s the best in the series (in this reviewers opinion) and still manages to stay true to itself. Never does any extraneous bells or whistles hamper game play, what we have here is a fitting conclusion to an excellently puzzling series. And with a level editor included in this version, too, the fun may never stop.

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