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Centipede Download

  • Developer: IfThen Software
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Navigate your centipede around a maze without bumping anything, eat fruit and grow longer. A very similar game to snake.

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  • Pixie

    Centipede is not the most exciting of games. This game is very similar to snake. You control a centipede and you have to navigate your way (using the arrow keys) through a maze eating various tasty snacks as you go along. If you collide with the maze or your tail you die.

    At the beginning of each level, you start off with just your centipede's head, but every time you eat something tasty (yum!) you get a segment added to your body. So although as you start off, everything appears very easy, as the levels get harder and as your centipede gets longer and longer, the mazes get harder and harder to navigate, requiring some foresight to enable the level to be completed.

    There are three difficulty settings and 14 different mazes to navigate through. This game comes with a level editor as well, so you can create your own mazes.

    The graphics are alright, and the centipede is easy to control. There is no music or sound effects whatsoever, so this is a good game for you if you like to listen to your own music when playing. (Well best no music than horribly irritating music, hey?)

    This game was developed by IfThen Software using DarkBASIC Professional and was one of the few 2D games entered into the 2004 Game programming competition offered by The Game Creators.

  • Xanya

    This game is fun, I like to play it and eat all the food! It's tricky to eat the foods in the right order so as not to not box yourself in and eat your tail! This game makes me think and I think this game is great. I especially like the backgrounds that the centepede eats on, in the game.

  • Kim

    The only thing kids care about is that it looks like a cartoon and they have control over the crashing sounds. The screens are very colorful. Now I can finally get something done.

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