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Centipong Download

  • Developer: Jayenkai
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

As the title suggests - a mashup of Centipede and Pong. Works surprisingly well.

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  • Gohst

    Just as I was about to write about another game entirely, I happened to notice Centipong just sitting there, not bothering anybody. I wondered - does your name mean what it says - an amalgam of Centipede and Pong? Could these games co-exist in harmony, sharing the same habitat? And what would the music be like? These questions had to be answered.

    First things first - What does the name mean? Yes, it is an amalgam of Centipede and Pong. Second things second - What does amalgam mean? Never mind, it seems to work whatever its meaning. And thirdly, how do Centipede and Pong become one and the same?

    The idea is the centipede or centipedes (centipii?) come worming their way down - or across - the screen and you blast them with your ball, which ricochets off a paddle you control. With precision aiming, its your job to blow apart the centipedes before they knock you out. Of course, by destroying sections of the enemies you create more blocks with which the enemies can dodge your further attacks and... it works when you play it, trust me.

    In fact, this has more elements of a third game included - Breakout - as the centipede will often drop bonuses (extend paddle, slow time, shoot spider, etc.) with which to better complete the level. Other point bonuses come in the form of keeping numerous balls alive at the end of rounds and other skill elements which are best left self-discovered.

    In all, its an amazing package. The combination of styles and the genre mix is spectacularly well done. Oh, and the music - composed of bleeps and bloops is utterly fantastic. It's still pinging in my head and will likely continue until I head back for a replay. Which will be very soon, indeed.

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