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Clickups Download

  • Developer: Archade Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A small, simple game which proves its difficulty as you try to keep a ball from touching the ground.

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  • Gohst

    Clickups is a very simple game where the object is to click on a little spinning Earth which is inside a room – the more clicks, the more points and that’s about it.

    The graphics are quite simple and straightforward. Nothing in excess gets in your way as you attempt to play and that’s always nice. Though it could be said the game lacks any bold graphics and cool extras, it could be equally as true that the game doesn’t need them and that sticking to basics is the best thing for this type of game.

    The game play is as simple as the graphics, the only objective you have is clicking the glowing sphere. If you keep clicking it without letting it touch the floor, then you get more points. If it touches the floor, you start at zero again. Nothing fancy, but it should keep you busy for the duration of a coffee break, at least.

    There is no music and only two sounds, but that’s no issue as this adds to the minimalistic feel as mentioned above. The sounds are unobtrusive and fit the game very nicely.

    In all, this is quite an interesting little game and even kept me coming back during the writing of this review to try and beat my own high score. Its small size should make it available to everyone out there and entertain the gamer who is looking for something to do for a little while.

  • ZaPpEd

    It is very high quality because it is so simple. Gohst pretty much described it, but I probably like it a little more for its simplicity.


    Simple, easy to learn, good effects, good sound quality, very small download size, one file to run...

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