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Crayon Physics Download

  • Developer: Kloonigames
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Crayon Physics

With crayon, draw shapes around the levels in order to roll a ball to the stars.

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  • Gohst

    Following on from Chalk, an excellent shooter where you draw your enemies to death, comes this: a game where you draw your way to success. The short levels come with terrain included. These are walls, see-saws, islands, etc. and your task is to draw the connecting shapes in between which will help a ball roll toward a star – and victory.

    The word which can best describe this is original. Also, stunning, simple and magnificent would fit the bill and all the praise heaped on it can not do the game justice. You simply need to play this. The interaction of the things you draw with the provided landscape is fascinating.

    To draw, all you need is the mouse and off you go – to draw a rectangle you don’t need to loop around, just draw the long and short side and it does the rest. Drawing flat accessories is possible, though not frequently useful and the variety of the levels are, well, varied. Some are ponderously difficult while some are endlessly frustrating but all are completeable.

    Clocking in at a relatively short time frame – a handful of minutes will have you complete the game – what it provides is something unseen before. Create your own levels is the point of the game, not an accessory. Draw anything you want to get to those stars and if you mess up, a clean slate is only a spacebar away. The promise of a sequel is just around the corner so enjoy this, a taste of things to come, a fresh idea in a new and original way.

  • Ryan James Lutes

    As part of Petri Purho's attempt to create games in less than a week, "Crayon Physics" is by far one of the best.

    Game Play: ****/*****
    The game play is unique yet simplistic, with a basic shape-recognition engine. The player's goal is to roll a ball into a star, by drawing various objects to propel the ball forwards and to make bridges, platforms and walls. The downside is, the game is way too short with no replay value, the levels are repetitive and easy, and the shape-recognition is limited to squares and rectangles.

    Graphics: ***/*****
    The neat, crayon-style graphics and paper background work well in the game, but they do get boring after a while.

    Sound: */*****
    No sound effects whatsoever, and an annoying background music loop, sound is definitely the game's weakest point.

    Overall: ***/*****

    You can't expect much from a game made in less than a week, crayon physics is no exception. It has a lot of potential - but isn't quite there yet.

    I'm sure that the sequel, Crayon Physics Deluxe will be a lot better considering the author is taking a lot more time on it, improving on the physics and shape-recognition system.

    Although it doesn't deserve a perfect score, that does not mean that Crayon physics is not worth playing, In fact, I highly recommend you download it and give it a try!

    Thanks for reading! And keep gaming!


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