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Crime Fighter Download

  • Genre: Other
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Crime Fighter

You play a criminal who works his way up the ladder of respect of the underworld

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  • Dude

    I must say this game is like a prequel/sequel to GTA and the GTA line of games.

    It is similar in many way, yet it is also a nice little game. As for it's sound and graphic quality it is so-so, but the game play is not hindered by it.

    If anything it is enhanced by the fact that it is easy at first and then gets moderately hard (especially if you set the points you wish to achieve at 999). All in all this game is a great game.

  • Zero

    Crime Fighter is full of crime. You play a criminal who works his way up the ladder of respect of the underworld. You do this by robbing banks, kidnapping children, stealing cars and being an all round bad guy.

    The graphics aren’t that great but its addictive turn based gameplay more than makes up for this. Because of the small download size we can’t think of a good reason not to get it.

  • Mul

    Highly addictive, up to 4 players and you can do some top stuff. Its well worth downloading but the sound is annoying and the game play is nothing like GTA.

    You don't do missions, you do what you want and to steal a car you must go to the car shop and there are no others on the road.

  • Baxta Boy

    Great game which is very fun and violent. Make your own gang from gangsters such as John McClane, Lucky Luke, Al Capone and so on.

    The graphics suck ,it is (thank god) possible to switch off the sound because if you don't you will most likely go deaf.

    Nevertheless a great game!

  • Shane

    This game is awesome! It's the best! If you like the Grand Theft Auto serires games, you'll love this game.

    You can blackmail people, rob banks, steal cars, smmugle suitcases onto planes, kidnap people, and a lot more.

    A must download.

  • John!!!!!

    I totally LOVE this game!!!!

    The only bad thing in the game is the graphics and that it gets a bit boring if you play it alone.

    It's definitely A LOT more fun if you play it with someone!!!


  • Sega Saturn the greatest

    This game is great. It is like GTA but its free. Get it now!

    The only problem with the game is that once you complete it, it is no longer great but it is great while it lasts. Get it now!

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