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Gene Rally is one of the great well-made 3D freeware games

  • Genre: Driving, Other
  • Tags: Cart

Crime Fighter

You play a criminal who works his way up the ladder of respect of the underworld

  • Genre: Other

Pool m Up

A brilliant pool game

  • Genre: Other
  • Tags: Game Room

Pizza Worm

A remake of the good old snake type games

  • Genre: Other

Crystal Ball

Tell the future just like the pros

  • Genre: Other

Invisible Vision

Seek and destroy your enemies through the use of your sonar.

  • Genre: Other

Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra

Create your own bullet dodging sim with your own mp3 collection.

  • Genre: Other

Ziggy Games

Ziggy Games is both a game library and an interface to download TV, movies and music. Choose from and search through hundreds of free games and keep them organized using the "My Downloads" tab.

  • Genre: Other
  • Tags: Downloads, Free, Game Library, Torrents, Ziggy

Mario Games 1.0

Mario Games 1.0 is a simple platformer in which you, as Mario, seek to achieve high scores by stomping gumbas, Koopa shells and collecting coins. If your score is high enough, you have the option of posting it to Softendo's leader boards online. Use unique strategies through three levels to rack up points.

  • Genre: Arcade, Other
  • Tags: Free, Mario

Mayura Chess Board

A simple but competent chess game from Mayura Software.

  • Genre: Other
  • Tags: Chess, Strategy