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Operation 7 Download

  • Developer: AlanBridge
  • Genre: Action, Other
  • Works On: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: FPS, Free, MMO, MMOFPS, Operation 7, Shooter
Operation 7

Operation 7 is a free-to-play MMOFPS with realistic dynamics and varied maps.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    Operation 7 is a match-based MMOFPS. Its sharp animation and accurate aim is pretty refreshing in the genre. If you like character customization and have played a lot of MMOs, you might feel that this title lacks avatar individualization. Regardless, its three game modes are a blast.

    There is Head Hunting that plays out like a Captain mode and a classic Death Match mode. Then there is Survival mode, in which there is no re-spawning. Operation 7 offers 17 maps for varied game play, even though I found myself wishing there were more. Some aren’t ideal for certain modes.

    If you’ve ever played an online shooter before, you know how frustrating it can get when trying to aim in a glitchy environment. But Operation 7’s weapons have very steady aim and, if in a secure internet connection, a realistic edge that needs only two or three bullets to kill. And there are plenty of guns to choose from, though they can’t be customized. The elements of many MMOs is still present, though, with passive and active buffs, as well as weapons and combat upgrades.

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