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Mayura Chess Board Download

  • Developer: Mayura Chess
  • Genre: Other
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Chess, Strategy
Mayura Chess Board

A simple but competent chess game from Mayura Software.

A somewhat simple yet pleasureful chess game that has plenty of options; from the difficulty, to the type of chess game, to helpful options that may improve your chess game.

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  • EvilGamer's picture

    This free chess game is the perfect example of effective simplicity. When you launch the game, a very familiar chess board will appear and you can play right away. When you feel like getting more in-depth into the game's menus, you will discover that it has a slew of option that may even help the advanced chess player. You can choose the type of game to play, from a blitz match to a typical long game, and some other variations. You can opt to choose to display either the move list or the captured pieces under the game's player clocks. The list move is especially handy for the chess player in-training as he can review his game at any point of its progression by clicking on the specific move in the move list. You can switch sides within a game, effectively playing against yourself or you can opt not to play either side and watch the AI battle itself and maybe pick up new strategies. The game also offers the option of showing unguarded pieces and a visual of what last piece was moved. This can help a chess player develop his game more since these can expose the player to recognize pieces under threat and pieces ripe for the taking.

    If you're into chess games then audio and graphics are not important to you, which is good since the game has the most basic of feature in respect to these aspects. Not a big deal here since chess games aren't known for being eye-candy anyway.

    There are three levels of AI, or engines, as the game terms them. The EasyPeasy engine is obviously for beginners and the Rybka Engine with its adjustable strength option is for the more advance players. Choose your "opponent" at your own risk or leisure.

    Overall a decent chess experience for the dabblers and the enthusiasts.

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