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  • Developer: joosa riekkinen
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A 'blow everything up' game, similar to worms

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  • Acidic's picture

    At first glance you can not miss Liero's striking resemblance to the classic worms (That's a good thing). You play a worm, who is hell bent on destroying other worms, sound familiar?

    Liero has mode some huge improvements over worms: First of all Liero real time, no more waiting for your opponent to take their turn. Secondly you play as a single worm instead of a small army of the slimy creatures and finally the weapons are way cooler, all the basics and a lot more.

    Liero is a very popular game and has reached cult status in many countries. Download and see for yourself why Liero is one of the most popular freeware games on the net.

  • A VIP

    I won't describe the game to you, because that was already done by Acid-Play staff, but I will give a brief description of some of its greatest assets.

    The Weapons - I would say at least 90% are decent with reload time.

    The Rope - Nothing is cooler than playing Tarzan while bombing someone with Chiquita Bombs.

    The Multiplayer - I played against my friends on this game for years. (Sadly, only a 1v1, but still...)

    Overall - This is a cut above Worms in that
    1) it's free!
    2) It's Real-Time.
    3) It's got more and cooler weapons!

    One last comment: The "AI" isn't Intelligent. It should be relabeled "AK" for Artificial Kamikazer.

  • Angus McA

    When I first saw kids at school playing this game, I knew that I was missing out on something big.

    I remember the first thing I saw, one of the players was on a bungee rope and launching spikeballs while reloading time was on 0%.

    I have enjoyed this game thouroughly and the only downside is that after you have been playing it for about 100 hours with all sorts of different versions and upgrades, it gets a bit boring.

  • Punisher

    Simply great and amazing violence deserves more than a 90! Its graphics are not that good but its pure hardcore action packed with tons of weapons, different mods on the internet and more! I hope the creator makes Part 2 with better graphics and more features!

  • Game master

    This is the worst download I have ever made. I think Monopoly is better than this and that is saying something! This game has graphics that even a broken Sony Megadrive can better. The overall game is a sham as well. Don't download this game.

  • Ong chong sam

    Oh man, this game is too cool! When I first played this game at my cousin's house I felt that this game was fun and I wish this game will be very very popular! People who haven't tried this must try it out!

  • RatmeistaR

    This, I must say is a TOPS game. I saw some fellas playing it at school, so I joined in. It kept me going for AGES. So I introduced it to my friends, and now they just go to play it whenever they can.

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