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Blip and Blop Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Blip and Blop

Blip and Blop is a great 2D shooter game

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  • Shadowfox

    Blip and Blop is a great game, with a good challange and fun gameplay. Go around shooting smurfs, carebares, and other "childish" characters.

    Though the gameplay is violent (blood, carnage, corpses, and others more easy seen, not said), that's what makes it fun. Not really recommended for those below teen because of what is said above and for language.

    What I dislike about the game is that there are not enough weapons to get and the challange is really hard. There should be more health or more lives or more cowbombs. If you're up for a good challange, grab a friend and start fragging!

  • Zero

    Blip and Blop is a great 2D shooter game. Along your adventure you will come accross some weird creatures you will have to kill, as _well as some creatures that resemble other well known characters. There are six weapons available, from a simple shotgun to some hi tech weaponry.

    This game can be played as a single or 2 player game. Although this is a rather big download, it is highly recommended.

  • Bickman

    I downloaded this a while ago and it was very fun.

    It is very funny, with a lot of challenges too. A bit TOO much of a challenge, if you ask me. They should have thrown in some 1ups and/or more cow-bombs.

    Overall, it is fun, humorous, challenging, and was god enough to keep me coming back even when I got frustrated.

  • MilhouseX8

    The problems are: 1) The difficulty is a... "female dog" 2) The graphics are fair but not great - choppiness in the characters and the backround. Rating overall is a 8.5 out of 10.

  • Tom Long

    Great game worth downloading despite its size.

  • Karin

    This game is very good and I like it.

  • George Lucas

    Really flippin' awesome... cow bomb.

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