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Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra Download

  • Developer: shinichiro.h
  • Genre: Other
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra

Create your own bullet dodging sim with your own mp3 collection.

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  • Gohst

    Although technically a shooter from Japan, you won't find the normal trappings of the genre here. Boss fights, awkward stories, scantily clad school girls... not here. This game is centered around one thing - allowing you to customize the experience via the use of your own music tracks.

    Devoid of story and nearly entirely devoid of graphics (seriously, look at them) the ability to amuse is entirely dependent on how focused you are on wanting to dodge bullets while listening to cool music. You see, the thing is, the bullet patterns generated are as a direct result of what you plug into the game and listen to. It's really quite unique.

    There are two modes of play available; BPO, which puts a ring of enemies atop the screen and has them firing at you. And AL mode, which puts you in the center of the screen, with the enemies circling you, firing from all angles. The second mode, in my opinion, is much more exciting, but the constant status messages get in the way.

    So, simply unzip the game and drop your favourite tracks into the 'music' folder of the game and off you go. Either rock it out, drop some drum'n'bass, or ambient stylings for your own custom bullet dodging experience.

  • Anonymous

    Fascinating and original game. Addicting as well. By the way, DO NOT USE MP3 FILES. The game won't work.

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