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  • Developer: Cool Moose Productions
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A small and infinitely enjoyable monster game focused on total, unhalting destruction.

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  • Gohst

    Author of the RunMan series of games, Tom Sennett brings a fun and exciting turn to the oft ignored micro genre of smash ‘em all games. In this small offering, you take the role of a monster who wreaks havoc on a nameless city. Using whatever tools at your disposal you are, at first, an unstoppable destructive force.

    Your laser eyes fry any of the population or stop and destroy their vehicles. You kick the citizens and stamp their cars flat. Pick up a skyscraper and discard it like trash. As you cause the city to crumble, your passive city evolves somewhat to include a police squad. Much the same as the citizens, these pose a threat with their guns, but are easily dispatched.

    With more destruction comes more resistance, as the police force swells to incorporate helicopters in a sort of user controlled enemy curve. Destroy more of their city and incur more of their wrath, which is exactly what happens further as the Army with bombers, paratroopers, tanks and more are brought in to put a stop to you.

    And although the game is incredibly fun, there is one downside to it – the controls. As your enemies become larger and more difficult to destroy, you will need to keep track of everything you can do. This includes picking up buildings and throwing or dropping them, using your laser eyes, stomping, kicking, swinging both your arms independently and even grabbing your enemies to use as weapons. There are eight different controls and that doesn’t include two more for moving your head up and down and walking left and right. Keeping track of what buttons to press is a very difficult task. Fortunately you will have plenty of time before you’re in the thick of it.

    Crush is a game which doesn’t have an incredible amount of depth, but does achieve what it sets out to do, which is to provide you with a very, very enjoyable playing experience. Yet another great game from Sennett, which definitely shines despite its cumbersome control scheme. A definite must play.

  • Stroffenberry

    This is the coolest game ever! Please download, it's fun filled with gelatinous sugary goop! I recommend this to all ages!

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