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  • Developer: wouter van oortmerssen
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Shoot Em Up

Beautifully rendered first person shoot 'em up

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  • The True Gamer

    This game is a freeware FPS fan's dream come true. This game is better than almost any other game on the site. It even comes close to Soldat's greatness. And I absolutely love Soldat. Anyway, this game is clearly focused on deathmatching fun. The single player campaign (sp mode) is all about killing, and nothing else. Speaking of the campaign, there are a lot of levels. And I mean a lot! However, the campaign is the area where the game is slightly lacking. The levels are short, and there isn't any motivation other than to kill. However, the deathmatch single player mode (dmsp mode) is more than enough to push the game back up to excellent. It's the time where the game's focus on deathmatch truly pays off (considering that it should, since the mode name has deathmatch in it.) You're against 30 monsters that seem to all want to kill you, instead of killing each other. Strange ideas aside, this mode is insanely fun, and there's still a lot of levels, or, in common dm terms, "maps". Don't forget the level editing tools. Although these tools aren't all that fun to fool around with for me, they may be fun for you. The downside to this is that the cheating gamer can skip large portions of a level by enabling edit mode and noclipping to later in the stage. Putting all the tools for cheating on a silver platter in completely recognizeable form is cheap, according to me. In the end, this game creates a goal, and reaches it with ease. You need to download this.

  • Aerofoxx

    Cube is the FPS that freeware fans have been hoping for. An excellent range of weapons (even if there is only four of them, not including your fist). Stunning graphics and gameplay. Yes, cube has it all. The map editer is nice as well, though if you press the E key while fighting the monsters, you can quickly float to a different part of the level. I thought that was cool.

    But there are still minor problems such as there is no menu: as soon as you start the game your in a level, just with no monsters. You have to press the Esc key to bring up the menu, then pick a level. Also it is openGL, which may further limit the number of PCs capable of running it. BUT most importantly, another game titled "Death Illustrated" uses the Cube engine to run. It has a storyline to the campaign (Cube has no
    story but a campaign) as well as a real menu. It's more polished but it's black & white. So if you have seen Death Illustrated AND cube, you may want to choose Death Illustrated. In my opinion, Cube is better.

  • TrustMywords

    If you are looking for a good, free FPS, Cube a.k.a. Saurbraten a.k.a Eisenstern is perhaps the best choice.

    So, what's so good about this game?
    -the graphic is nice, though not as good as latest commercial games
    -this game is well developed, bunches of mods available on the net
    -very unique, you play as a monster not a human
    -approved to be a stress relief
    -economically friendly
    -no long, boring story mode
    -don't use a big part of your disk space
    -online play available
    -enchance your response time / reflex
    -no sex/violent contents

    It will be better if:
    -the graphic is as good as Oblivion or PS3
    -there are wider choice of weapons and characters

    Conclusion: Only sadist don't download this game

  • Evil Wraith

    CUBE once had been an experimental project in creating an easy-to-use open source 3D-engine (based on Quake II algorythms). "Nomen est Omen", as the old Romans said: the early maps, which consisted of simple geometry, were built out of cubes and wedges. This strictly geometrical design is still used in the brother-in-engine "Death Illustrated" but the CUBE project itself has developed. The maps look a lot more professional and the GFX (with particle systems) have been worked out. The gameplay hasn't changed but nevertheless CUBE is a cool, fast paced FPS which offers lots of fun for some time and it's free! I still prefer "Death Illustrated" for being even faster and I like the black'n'white style.

  • Rp

    Cube is one of the best non-comerical first-person shooters made. The author is a great programmer and deserves a lot of credit for making the game and its engine.

    One of the best parts of the game is the feature to edit the land while you play. You can edit the land and change it. This is, I think, the best feature of the game.

    The physics engine is not that bad and does a good job at making the game feel like a first person shooter.

    All in all, I think it's a great game that has been made non-comerically, and the developer, Wouter Van Oortmerssen, deserves a lot of credit and should be thanked for releasing the game and its source code!

  • Wierdbeard

    This really is a first person shooter that can stand up confidently against the likes of Quake, Unreal Tournament, etc. As a freeware game it is brilliant, but even ignoring this it is a very good FPS.

    The beautiful visuals this game features will leave you dazed as you blast away your opposition. You are able to play as a single player, or over a network.

    The game includes a map editor which enables you to edit the map in 3D.

    If you are in the market for a free FPS, Cube is definitely a good choice.

  • Brickman

    First I tried playing this in normal single player mode. That was good, but I couldn't get far at all. Then I did a single player deathmatch, and it rocked. I mostly used this mode on difficulty 3 or 4, and it rocks. You just gotta play it.

    Once I got experience there, I went back to normal single player and beat a few levels, but realized that isn't where they put their focus, and the endings should've been more rewarding.

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