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Donkey Kong Rumble Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Donkey Kong Rumble

A remake of the newer donkey kong games

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  • William Simeon

    I am a big Donkey Kong fan ever since the first game came out. This has got to be the best Donkey Kong game I have ever played. This is the first Donkey Kong game for the PC and I was amazed by the music, graphics and gameplay. There are a few "bumps in the road" if you know what I mean but other than that whoever created this game needs to continue with a sequel or storyline. I want to play the next Donkey Kong game you make. The bottom line is this: whoever did this game - I am sure that you may have a future in the video game design business. I am looking forward to your next game. GOOD JOB, MY FRIEND!

  • Acidic's picture

    This is a great game for fans of the newer Donkey Kong games. Although the gameplay is not great it does provide some good entertainment for about an hour or so.

    You have to progress through, as far as I can tell, five levels, each with its own unique style and theme.

    At times Donkey Kong Rumble does get very difficult, the small screen gets annoying and there are a few bugs but besides that this is a nice game.

  • Anil

    This is an excellent game. It's very addictive. The only problem is that sometimes my game file gets corrupted and its so boring going back over the same levels over and over again. Other than that, it's fine and I give it a 90% rating. You should consider making a sequel.

  • Emperor

    It's good but has poor graphics.

  • Computer freak

    It was really fun and great.

  • Korey

    I liked it.

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