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Dr. Goo Download

  • Developer: Josh Bender
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dr. Goo

Dr. Goo has to collect the health packs through the levels in this platform game.

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  • Gohst

    Dr. Goo is a simple little blob, who wants to collect first aid kits. As far as I can tell, the story is Dr. Goo was a person who (ironically) turned himself, literally, into goo. Now he needs to collect the health to restore himself before the time limit runs out.

    The graphics are none too special. Dr. Goo himself looks quite nice though the backgrounds and other portions of the game let him down. Also, for some reason, the playing field is incredibly small, making the game difficult to play because you cannot see the graphics clearly enough.

    The gameplay is simplistic, but is made difficult by the size of the screen. It’s a fairly straightforward affair.

    The sound effects are quite irritating. Whenever one occurs, it's actually quite painful to hear. The “excellent” when you collect a health pack is one of the worst offenders.

    In summary, if you need to play a platform game and don’t want to search for another one, then play this. If you do want to search for another game, chances are you will be rewarded.

  • Banksey07

    I think this is a great action platformer.

    It is simple and enjoyable fun with a time setting to make the game harder.

    But this greatness ends quickly as there are only 2 levels to the game, making it wear out quickly.

    Overall a game that was ruined by its lack of levels.

  • Avery

    I think Dr. Goo is a fun game with a lot of experience. It is fun to do and fun to look at! I love playing this game because it is fun, fun, fun to do! When you go up to the next level, you feel very proud of yourself!

  • Anonymous

    I remember playing this with my brother when i was little... this game is very old..... ~so i think~

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