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Dragon Ball Z Arena Battle Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Dragonball Z
Dragon Ball Z Arena Battle

Goku and the rest of the gang star in this combat game

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  • Vortex

    Well, the game is good, but only for passing time. Let's see the good part of the game. The presentation is really nice, the music is perfect, it's from MP3. There is a good variety of characters. You can fly and transform during the battle.

    Now for the bad things. Not only the graphics are bad, but it's not well done. For example, Freeza is not really Frieza, it says that it's Frieza but the sprite is of Cooler. Also, in the game you can only throw ki waves, you can't punch or else. Also, I never figured out how to do special moves. The selection of the characters could be better. It has too many heroes and one villain, Frieza, so it's a big flaw to the DBZ fans. Also, it has just two arenas, Earth and Namek, so value is REALLY short.

    Conclusion: You may download it, but only if you have really nothing to do. Otherwise, downloading is not recommended.

  • Wierdbeard

    Dragon Ball Z Arena Battle is a combat game in which you play with any of your favourite characters from Dragonball Z. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo all make an appearance.

    Dragon Ball Z Arena Battle is true to the Dragonball Z storyline, enabling you to undergo transformations, power up and unleash kamehameha beam on your unworthy opponent.

    If you’re a fan of the Dragonball Z series this is definitely a freeware game that you will enjoy. Features some good DBZ tunes as well. Epic intro!

  • SpogMunky

    Though most people diss them, I like the retro look of the graphics. This game is definitely worth the download, and I'm not even a DBZ fan. After a while of story mode it gets annoying, but the multi-player is addictive and fun.

  • Anonymous

    A little good,when you first play it you will find it exciting and enjoyable, but after a few days you will get bored. The picture quality of this game is bad.

  • VyRuZ

    This game is cool. I am a fan of Dragon Ball Z so if any bugs were in this game , I haven't noticed them ;) Anyway for the small download it deserves your attention.

  • Dan

    Hard to figure out the controls I have had it for 2 months and still can't figure it out because it is in a different language but other than that it is a good game.

  • The Great Dude

    Worst DBZ game I ever played.

    Good points:None

    Bad points:Everything is bad

    Average points:1

    Learn to make a game.

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