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DrashRL Download

  • Developer: Slash
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Trapped in a dungeon through the sands of time! Use your wits and bravery to escape!

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  • Gohst

    Similar, though a lot simpler – and easier – than the recently reviewed NetHack, you are a lone man (or woman) trapped in a winding dungeon filled with snakes, skeletons and other ghoulish creatures. Keeping your wits about you and ‘levelling up’ wisely, can you escape alive?

    Although the game is similar to the various other types of dungeon crawl games around, this one is very attractive to the novice gamer. Where NetHack provides a unique amount of depth, characterisation and customisability, it is also very, very hard. Drash is not. With minimal exposition, you are chucked into a cave – or dungeon – which you explore. Picking up various items, potions, weapons, shields, etc. you equip yourself for battle with the many inhabitants of the dungeon.

    Fortunately, said inhabitants are quite easy to dispatch and will not require lengthy restarts if you forgot to equip yourself with some bizarre amulet before fighting them. Everything is pretty straight forward here. Levelling up is a difficult process in most games – here it has been stripped down and very simplified. Before entering a new level you are given several options on how to improve yourself, selecting wisely will improve your ability to conquer the game.

    The game is short and to-the-point. You know where you are and you know what you have to do. The dizzying expanse of caves and mazes is all but done away with here. Simplicity is the key in this game and it is very much so. An entry level game into the genre, DrashRL is very enjoyable.

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