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Dungeon Door Download

  • Developer: High-5 Explosion
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dungeon Door

An amazing, graphic dungeon crawl game which offers clean gamplay and simplicity of controls.

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  • Gohst

    The makers of Penguin Adventure really pulled the cat out of the bag with this one. Far from being a typical side-scrolling platformer, this is an isometric, top-down dungeon crawl game. It also has fantastic graphics, isn't confusing and plays really well.

    The story is, a magical door arrived at The Hero Academy. The Headmaster, while fiddling with knobs, got sucked into the tenth level of some alternate dimension. It's up to a rag-tag bunch of amateur students to roam the scary halls, battle foes and level up along the way in order to save him (and hopefully receive 'extra credit' --ed.)

    This game has appealed where other games have not in the past. It tells you clearly when you can end your turn. The characters all look different (and excellent) and where they can travel/attack is clear to be seen. Switching weapons is as simple as one mouse click; not a ten-level deep menu screen.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing is that from the outset there seems to be something to do. You're not placed in an empty field and asked to find the story on your own. Without knowing the story beforehand, it's clear to see you have to go from room to room killing things. One of your characters is "healer" - so when another gets poisoned, it's as clear as day what you need to do. There are treasure chests, open them and get stuff.

    This game presents all the complexities of similar genre games, but does away with the text screens, long expositions and menus. So much of this is in a non-verbal "Let's see what happens here/Oh, what I expected" way that it's literally very engaging. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent, compact tile-based medieval RPG that I've hardly ever played the like of, especially on PC. The game poses quite some challenges, such as regenerating, multiplying, or simply tough enemies who require some strategy to deal with. It's almost entirely mouse-based, though the four numbers above Tab are optional for character selection (pressing the numbers 1 & 2 is necessary for progressing to the next level each time), and the arrow keys can also be used to scroll.

    There are no experience points, so there is little point to try to empty a whole dungeon of enemies; all four characters level up, whether dead or alive (as long as all those living can be gotten to the four-tile green panel which signals the end of each level), and acquire new, interesting abilities. I also see little point in collecting the random treasure chests, though they do pose a bit of a challenge since their areas tend to be monster-ridden. Characters can be told to perform actions first, then move later (or not move at all); just click the appropriate action button.

    The game, being small in size, is piled with numerous glitches with constant, extremely annoying crashing potential, which are usually triggered by too rapid action, so be careful with reading through level-up data or commanding characters too quickly; give the program time to display what it has to. Saving is automatic after each level, and F3 restarts a dungeon with a different character set. Don't push D. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Great game in a Space Hulk sort of style.
    Two quick problems however....

    The controls for this game are not clear, and though the game is fun and intuitive, I cannot find a save button, although there is a load button.....

    I like the games advancing threat levels, but I keep having to restart as I cannot load or continue a saved game, therefore I am sad, as a great game is lost, because the designers didn't add a controls menu, and no-one on the internet seems to have posted them anywhere.

    If anyone has the time and patience, please search out and post here a copy of the controls for all to enjoy, cheers all!

  • Ttony21

    The game is fun while your actually playing it, but you are given absolutely no instructions. It doesn't tell you how to save or do anything with the keyboard (which you can from playing around with it).

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