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Elevator Action Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Elevator Action

Escape the building via the elevetor in this classic nintendo game

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  • Billy

    In terms of character control, sound quality, and gameplay authenticity, this remake of "Elevator Action" leaves much to be desired. The graphics aren't too bad for a download but several of the original rules to the game have been omitted from this version. Incidentally, what is the point of riding the elevator when you can drop your character down the elevator shaft and skip several floors in the process? Such a maneuver would have resulted in the death of your character back in the original arcade game, not to mention the freedom you had to shoot out ceiling lights, jump-kick enemy agents, and squash them with the elevator. In my opinion, this remake has a long way to go before it achieves all the fun and challenge of its predecessor.

  • Stumpy

    This game looks more-or-less like the original, but lacks its complexity and charm.

    There is only one way to kill the baddies in this version - the gun. The lights don't shoot out, the only function of the jump is to avoid being shot. The elevators don't hurt anyone and you can fall several floors without harm.

    The sound effects don't live up to the graphics and the theme tune is missing. Below floor 12 the graphics packed up on my machine too.

    In short, it looks okay, but otherwise is a poor replica of the original Elevator Action.

  • Zero

    Almost everyone old enough should remember Elevator Action. It was one of those classic Nintendo games that I used to play all the time when I was young.

    Elevator Action is a very simple game. You start off at the top of a building and must use the elevator to go down floor by floor to get the bottom. On the way tou have to open all red doors you see. The only problem is there are people trying to kill you. Make sure you kill them first so you can reach the bottom.

    This is a well made remake that reminded of the old version.

  • Stefano

    The graphics are exactly the same as the original arcade game (except for the spies' or bad guys' dying scenes and the elevator) but there is no left / right jumping, no lamp shooting and no jump-on-the-bad-guy-and-kill-him move (Elevator Action was a world success ALSO because of these fun features). The gameplay is nearly the same.
    The author shoud make a new version of Elevator Action with all the missing features - otherwise this is just a "it could have been but it is not" conversion.

  • Nitin

    This Game is BAD. Please do not download this junk. I wonder who will love this boring game.

    You just need to reach the bottom and you have some men shooting at you, but they are so easy to kill that it is as good as they not being present. You rarely die.

    Well...only some kids may like this silly game, like my little neighbour.

  • Andreas

    I think it is a super-CULT game and I have been taken back to the game hall, played this infinitely, just great. Certainly a few bugs to fix such as music, but great game. Gruss Andreas.

  • Henk

    Unfortunately a very poor remake: too difficult in the beginning - too many spies chasing you from the very start. Unable to shoot the lamps from the ceiling. I really missed the tune.

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