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Factory Pinball Download

  • Developer: Jere Sanisalo
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Game Room
Factory Pinball

Brilliant pinball game with an original twist - you smash a dummy around a pinball table.

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  • Moshboy

    Factory Pinball is a pinball game, based on the engine used in the series of Dismount games. For those who have not had the immense pleasure of playing the Dismount games, the basic aim of the games is to injure a dummy as much as possible, in as many areas of the body as possible. The more your dummy gets injured, the more points you scored. Amazingly in this game, you literally hit a small dummy around a pinball table as if he were a ball. And amazingly it works extremely well. It feels like a real pinball table with a hilarious twist.

    The graphics are fairly nicely rendered and quite detailed. There is even a pinball type banner across the top of the screen the animates itself every time you get the various bonuses in the game. The music, as seems to be the trend with many freeware games that I have played of late, is pleasant but seems out of pace with the game itself. Fortunately the sound effects, which sound as if they have been taken directly from a real pinball table, make up for the mundane music.

    The physics engine in this game is nothing short of brilliant. Not only does it accurately use the Dismount engine, but it also realistically emulates a pinball game. As you hit the dummy around the table, it moves just as if a real ball would. There are many bonuses to get and lots of nice objects to hit your dummy against to make the game all the more hilarious.

    For pinball fans, or just people who want to have a laugh in general, this is a must have. Download it now.

  • Raz909

    A very nice game with a really cool idea! The graphics are good and the sound is not annoying. But there are some bugs that get on my nerves! Sometimes the "ball" sticks on objects and even to tilt the table is, in some cases, no solution. You have to press ESC which unfortunately closes the game completely. There should be a 'stick-on-timeout-function' that doesn't make you mad.

    Besides the bugs, there are plenty of hours of having fun watching the behaviour of the "ball" to be had.

    If there would be an editor for own tables, that would be genius!

  • Matty Jay

    It's a really simple pinball setup but the dark humor of what appears to be a dead body being flung around the board is endlessly amusing. It could only be darker if there was an option to turn on blood and / or gore.

    A great feature is that certain areas of the board change the "ball" between a human, a cow and a giraffe. I'm not sure which is funnier. I hope they publish a sequel with a greater variey of animals and people to fling around.

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