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Roll em Up Pinball Download

  • Developer: Dommelsch
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Game Room, Pinball
Roll em Up Pinball

Pinball by the people that brought you Pool em up and Dart em up

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  • Bonk Smith

    The game is nicely laid out, and the flipper response is great. I like the ability of left-flipper-backhand hits to the piano.

    Here's my reservations about play:

    The sound turns off intermittently.

    Rarely the ball will go up the trampoline ramp and go off the screen to the right, killing that ball. Sometimes the ball goes under the upper right flipper and disappears, killing the ball. Sometimes the ball jumps off the base of the flipper and drains, killing the ball. The ball speed fluctuates - sometimes it seems to have much more energy than other times.

  • HlinFloyd

    I first discovered this game three or four years ago and I am still playing it on a regular basis, so you know I think it is great. While not as flashy as some of the Sierra or MS pinball games, this is rock solid in its game play and graphics.

    Aside from not being able to bump the table (there IS such a function however) this is just like having an old classic pinball machine in your game room. If Dommelsch was sold in my area, I would go out and buy a case to show my appreciation!

  • Docster

    I can't see how anyone could give this game a bad review. This is one awesome free pinball game. It's even better than a lot of pinball games you can buy on CD-ROM.

    I was definitely impressed! The graphics are excellent and the pinball machine is very addictive with it's cool bonuses.

  • Sean

    An excellent freeware pinball game, filled with some of the most creative elements I've seen in pinball. Disregard marian's comment about the graphics being rubbish, they are phenomenal.

  • Zero

    Pinball by the people that brought you Pool em up and Dart em up. If you've ever wondered what these games are made for, they are advertising for a beer company.

  • Tammy

    This is one of the best free pinball games ever. I've downloaded it into all of my computers over the years.

  • Jon

    You don't need to save your money any more. The language is German but it is a good game.

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