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Falling Up Download

  • Developer: Kaolin Fire
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Falling Up

Attempt to keep your eyeballs from spinning in this thrilling remake with a twist.

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  • Gohst

    Falling Up brings something to Tetris which has been missing from most other remakes – excitement and even, to some extent, terror.

    The game has taken the stance of not only letting the blocks fall downward in the normal Tetris fashion, but to flip the screen between rounds so that the blocks fall up, hence the title.

    However, the game takes the idea further and, just a few levels into the game you get a feeling that this isn’t a Tetris game with a simple twist, it’s a Tetris game on a rollercoaster!

    You struggle through the levels unsure of what is to come, your heart races faster as the screen flips left and right, altering your direction and rotation. Then the game continues to spin, left and right, up and down, sideways, diagonal and all over the place.

    This remake brings so much more to Tetris than just going the wrong way – instead it goes in every way possible and is filled with excitement and adventure. Not just for Tetris fans, this is for thrill seekers!

  • GAMERofUniverse

    A delightful concept; it is "scary" when the screen within the game suddenly rotates, but the controls are very floaty and loose, and it takes forever for the blocks to settle. The graphics are very bland and poorly drawn, it is hard to see if you are matching up. I do not reccomend this game!

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