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FunRun Download

  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98

It always impresses me to see a good quality 3D freeware game; FunRun is quite possibly one of the best

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  • Acidic's picture

    It always impresses me to see a good quality 3D freeware game; FunRun is quite possibly one of the best. FunRun, as its name implies is more fun than serious, it won’t give you much in the areas of hardcore realistic racing simulation. It will however fulfil your need for good old fashioned child’s play.

    You have to race around a track, avoiding obstacles, getting power ups and passing through checkpoints. There are no computer players and the only thing that will compel you to take another ride around the track is the desire to destroy your old best time. But trust me you will be playing again and again.

    A good game with great graphics and sound effects.

  • Handicap-Girl

    This an awesome game. It is so much fun that you cannot seem to stop playing. It also keeps me laughing alot at trying to drive around the curves and staying on the road at the same time. Thank you for a great one person driving game.

  • Anonymous

    This game sucks big time. Does not work on XP, need 98 or lower. So don't download this game if you have XP.

  • Fudge

    It is the best. I mostly liked the cars. They were cute. After all, I am only 4 yrs old.


    It's a complete waste of time, the game sucks big time. Don't download this game.

  • Shrimp

    Great graphics and gameplay, really fun(Run)!

  • Scooby doo

    I just say its so much fun you won't stop!

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