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Giana's Return Download

  • Developer: Giana's Return development team
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Giana's Return

A remake of the classic game The Great Giana Sisters (TM)

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    Giana's Return is an exact duplicate of the old classic "The Great Giana Sisters (TM)". I'm hoping this brings back memories for you because the moment I saw Giana's Return I remembered sitting for hours and hours playing this game.

    Giana's Return stays true the original platform game in so many ways. The levels and the different enemies are identical to the original. One feature which I am glad has not been added is the ability to scroll back through the level. Once you have passed an area of the screen, it is gone.

    The game is basically the same as Mario. You hit all the blocks to collect gems while avoiding or killing all the enemies. There are 6 different levels all containing 6 stages.

    Unfortunately there seems to be no sound available. I read on the creators site that there are certain sound effects but I did not come across any.

    I highly recommend this game to classic gamers as this will bring back a lot of memories.

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