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  • Developer: Glest
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A totally awesome 3D strategy game based in the magic forests during medieval times.

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  • Trevor

    I love this game alot. I'm addicted. There are a few things I do not like, though.

    First, there is only 2 factions and second there should be a multi-player online mode. I feel the that would tie this game together. The graphics are great even for a freeware game. I dare you to find a freeware game with these graphics. The game is fun, too because you can build a village and then mount, like, one huge attack against your opponent. I personally use the techs but with the magics.

    The other game faction, I also enjoy playing because you can summon dragons and if you get, like, 10 you are pretty well invincible. The dragons fly. Also, you can make teams like 2 on 2, or 2 on 1, or even 3 on 1 which I suggest doing when you first start out.

    Your resources: you may find a little difficulty gathering but once the game progress it becomes easier.

    I also like the different selection of maps and you can play in the winter and the time of day changes. The game also has a decent sound track and sometimes when you select a unit what they say is funny.

    All these things add to the overall greatness of the game. I've got dial up and if you do, it will take like 2-3 hours but don't worry the game is excellent and worth the download. I give it a 10 out of 10. If you are a real time strategy fan or any other kind of gamer, you will love this game the same as I do. I will be glad to see a second.

  • TrustMyWords

    Glest is not a usual freeware game. Most freeware games have poor graphics and only concentrate on gameplay. Glest is definitely not one of them - it has got awesome graphics and also a unique gameplay.

    Glest is a real-time strategy game with a unique theme - magics vs humans technology. You can choose whether to use magics or technology before starting the game. As for me, I prefer magics because I can summon monsters, mages and even dragons. If you choose technology, you can summon the usual armoured soldiers and slay those monsters.

    There's only ONE game mode, yes only one. Perhaps because they are still developing the game. If you are good at programming or bored doing nothing, you may help to develop the game because they, the creators, provides some tools and sourceforge files for players.

    I believe, one day, this game will be much better. Just give those people some time to improve the game and hopefully keep the game as a freeware in the next ten years.

  • Mr mike

    Glest is one of the top freeware games I have come across. The graphics are 3D, sound and game play is awesome - so awesome it won a Playstation ArtFuture Video Game Design award!

    The idea of Glest is that of Age of Empires or War Craft, build your society up and protect it against or destroy the other enemies societies. There are four different maps you can play on (Riverside, Four Rivers, The Island or The Ruins), each with the option to play in winter or summer.

    Game play is challenging and will take you a short while to get used to, so be prepared to be killed a few times! The graphics are outstanding although the maps are slightly similar and the sound effects are extremely well done.

    The major disappointment I had with this game (which is why I never gave it 100%) is that there is no network play, only the option to play against 3 computer controlled players. Other than this it is an outstanding freeware game. I highly recommend you try it.

  • Soul dude

    This game is good, I like it personally becuse of the side choosing the levels and the difficulty of the opponent. It's a good game, I recomend you try it beccuse the game play is great, the graphics are OK, the music isn't that good but still adds the affect. Definatly one of the best freeware games. Try it, the game is really cool, although they could of made more building options...

    I got bored becuse I had all the technologies, all the buildings and about 10 thousand solidiers, and killed the enemy in about 10 seconds. The game is good don't get me wrong, it's definatly worth the download. Oh, and you need a pretty good PC to be able to play it.

    Go ahead! Try it!

  • Anonymous

    Glest supports multiplayer now.

    Factions: Persian, dwarf, Egyptian, science, elementalists, Asian, Indian, Norsemen, robotech and more.

    Tilesets: texture packs evergreen, volcanic, swamps, tropical, middle eastern, wastelands, jungle, winter and many more.

    Maps: many new user created maps are available.

    Check the wikia and forums for the best new mods.

  • Unc1354m

    This is one of those few great games that gets released, with an expansion coming soon and hopefully multi-play.
    I feel that this game is going to get much better in time.

    This game is definitely worth the download.

  • Napalm

    Wow... just awesome, so much effort and free? Graphics compared to Warcraft 3... and free? Playability... and free? Good sounds.. and free? This guys esrned that award, for sure.

    Nice work. :)

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