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Hacker 3 - Cyber Warfare Download

  • Developer: chen luu
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Crime, Hacking
Hacker 3 -  Cyber Warfare

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  • Zack

    The newest Hacker Version is out, and more realistic, with more challenging levels! All the fun of hacking through government/important files without being caught! The first and second hacking versions were fun and amazing, and it seems the owner has yet came out with another great hacking game!

    Some may think that this game is a bad example for the younger-viewers, because it promoted hacking. It does, correct, however, as the owner and creator has stated on all of the games that he/she has passed out, “I made this game to where all of the tools of hacking are on the game, but I do not make the levels realistic. I do not want to teach anyone how to hack.” You can learn nothing about hacking on these hacking games. However, if you don’t want to play it because it “promotes hacking”, just don’t play. But you’re missing out on a great game, and missing a ton of fun.

    This game is challenging at times, at different missions, however, what game is fun, but not challenging at all? None, that’s what. This game is free-ware, meaning it is free. If you don’t like it at first, try it again, and if you still did not change your mind, delete it. You did not waste any of your money on this game.

    This game shouldn’t be free, it is too entertaining and fun, but luckily, the owner and creator of the Hacking games has made it free, in which, I am really grateful for that. As I’ve said in some of my past reviews, no game is perfect, however, the owners and creators strive to make the game perfect, this is their goal.
    As long as I’ve been a gamer, I have not yet ever seen a game perfect before, but have seen plenty of games close to that point. This game, I am proud to say, is one of those “close-to-perfect” games.

    I would recommend this game to any “gamer”, or any hacker at that fact. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I have. Enjoy.

  • Rekall

    Do you yearn to be a geek who hacks into websites and causes havoc? Well if you do, I’m going to report you to the police! If you have no real intention of taking part in such illegal activities then perhaps Hacking 3: Cyber Warfare is for you.

    You are a rookie hacker who has just been employed by an unscrupulous underground organization known as [x]-K-Corp to assist them in computer crimes.

    The game play is mainly text based and the sound is very minimal. You will have to do the usual things like tracking IP’s, uploading viruses and avoiding detection.

    Although the game is simulating illegal activity of the kind that Acid-Play does NOT support or condone, it made for a bit of enjoyable gaming.

  • TheAwesomeMan

    This game was pretty interesting. However, I couldn't delete logfiles or locate them. The secret server is cool, but much too obvious. The thing that bugged me was the game itself. It makes people think breaking into servers and messing stuff up is fun. In my opinion, hacking into servers is the same as breaking and entering. In other words: Illegal. Hacking is alright, as long as it's safe and legal. But breaking the law? This game is obviously a bad example.

  • Edd

    -Good about Hacker 3.1-
    Nice help file
    Good simulation of real-life situations
    Not too hard to play
    12 different missions

    -Not so good about Hacker 3.1-
    Few options and possibilities, can be a bit boring

  • Hacker3Player

    I played Hacker 1 a few months ago and now downloaded Version 3. I think it's much better than Ver. One, but somehow I can't delete the logfiles with the file deleter... So I get traced every time...

  • Loomis

    I liked the idea, a hacking simulation. I feel that the creator did somethings very well, but could have also done some things better. If you like simulations and are bored, it's worth a try.

  • Zero cool

    I love this game, I play it day and night, but I can't figure out two things,
    1. I can't find the secret server,
    2. I don't know how to delete the logs
    Please help me out.

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