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Harold's Hills Download

  • Developer: Free Lunch Design
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Harold's Hills

Harold The Homeboy (from Icy Tower) is tobogganing to save Christmas!

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  • Gohst

    Just released (literally, like 3 hours ago) from Free Lunch Design is a brand spanking shining new game starring everyone's favourite floor hopper Harold The Homeboy from Icy Tower!

    Like Klabutong, their previous Christmas themed game, this involves plenty of dexterity and well timed button-presses. Except this mixes speed into the recipe.

    Guide Harold as he - rather erratically - speeds down a landslide of some sort where presents have been deposited all over the landscape and the houses are all half buried. Along the way, collect the presents, avoid the rocks and leap off the rooftops (which automatically drops the presents into the chimney) in the quest for higher points. I mean, to "save Christmas".

    Not content with locally saved highscores, Harold's Hills has seven different score boards. From "highest score" to "biggest crash" each with seven entry positions for a multitude of score making opportunities.

    While the game surely isn't as polished as it could be (yet) the incredible amount of customization options - from controls to individual HUD display elements - are an excellent addition. The game shines with all the elements to make for Christmastime fun. Perhaps the speed is a little too fast for younger gamers, but the fun is there and you'll do good to download this into your digital stocking this year.

  • DPJ93

    Santa has done a really sloppy job this year and just thrown all the presents around. Now it's up to Harold to deliver the presents. He finds his rusty old toboggan and starts riding down the endless hill.

    A very good and addicting game which also is very simple. All you need to do is to steer (arrow keys) Harold on his toboggan.

    Pick up presents, deliver them in houses, and watch out for obstacles.

    A fun little game to waste your time on.

    Only minus is the music. It's too repetetive in my opinion. 9/10

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