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Head Over Heels Download

  • Developer: Tomaz Kac
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Head Over Heels

Help save the world from the Black Empire

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  • Zero

    Head Over Heels is a brilliant remake of an old Spectrum game.

    The story revolves around 4 worlds, in a distant solar system, that are ruled and enslaved by the Black Empire. These worlds are becoming extremely angry yet they lack a leader to guide them in a rebellion.

    The worlds in neighboring stars are getting worried that the Black Empire will start to spread even further so they have sent a spy in to attempt to get the people to revolt against the empire.

    The spy is a type of creature adapted from symbolic animals. The creature can split in to two, forming two highly trained spies, Head and Heels.

    Head Over Heels starts in a prison where Head and Heels have been split apart and must reunite in order to join together and defeat the Black Empire. There are five different levels to complete all of which make you really have to think to solve the situation.

    Head Over Heels is extremely well made. The professional graphics look amazing and the game play is great.

    Controlling your spy can be a bit tricky at first but you will get used to it very quickly. Until Head and Heels join together, you are able to control each spy separately. Pressing the control button will switch the view from spy to spy.

  • Val

    This is a great remake of one -if not THE- best video games ever. I had the chance to play it in my old Amstrad CPC464. Now, I wonder how it was possible to create this piece of art in just 64 Kb. A good example of how create something wonderful without all these "hi-tech" and boring stuff. A perfect remake from a perfect game! 10/10

  • SpiriT

    This is a really challenging game which requires much skill. Good graphics and interesting gameplay. The sounds are cool too. This game causes the player to be extremely impatient as one has to keep replaying the level. Fun but tough.

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