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Highway Pursuit Download

  • Developer: adam dawes
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Highway Pursuit

Highway Pursuit is so heavily addictive and so professionally made you won’t believe that it can be downloaded for free

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  • Zero

    Take some Hollywood car chase action, explosions and addictive game play mix them together and you have Highway Pursuit. The object of Highway Pursuit is to blow up as many enemy cars as possible without getting a scratch on your Porsche.

    The online high score table keeps you playing over and over again as you try to get your score to number one (well at least the top 100).

    Highway Pursuit plays nicely on a middle of the range PC, but by pumping up the resolution you can really push your Gforce 4 to the max.

    All in all Highway Pursuit is so heavily addictive and so professionally made you won’t believe that it can be downloaded for free.

  • CJ

    The "Highway Persuit" game is great. By all standards, a minuite ago I saw a review that said it was based on a SEGA MegaDrive game. If it is, it is extra great graphics!

    Graphics: 9.5/10
    Sound: 1.0/10 (Worse than Complicated)
    Gameplay: 10/10 (Warning: This game is high in a toxic chemical called 'Addiction')

    Overall: Download it! But be aware... if you start playing this game, say goodbye to your wife, social life and friends. Everything else looses importance. all you have is sweet, blissful HighWay Pursuit!

    9.99/10 [I'm suprised it is free! Can't wait for Highway Pursuit 2!]

  • Black Plague

    This is a wonderful game. The graphics are splendid(You'd never believe it's less than 4 megabytes), game play is smooth, and it'll keep you playing for hours!

    You have to race across the country, score points for blowing up certain cars, collect upgrades for your Porsche, avoid being knocked off the road and even drive on a bridge that suddenly ends over water! Worst of all, there's helicopters trying to blow you to kingdom come!

    I highly recommend that you take the time to download this game, it's really worth it!

  • SnoopGus

    This is like a upgrade version to SpyHunter. The graphics are pretty cool, gameplay is pretty addictive and the sound is nice. Great work, good game.

  • Jikk

    I give it a 100%. It's good and I'm in the top 2000's with a high score of 88,000 (18km). It's a fun game if you have nothing to do.

  • Sawyer

    Great arcade game - I give it a 90%, but may be should have given 100, but I'm not done playing it yet.

  • JAsOnObOd

    It's a good game. I gave it 100%, but I found the game pretty hard to play.

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