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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Pokemon meets Pac man

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  • Zero

    This is a 3D Pacman type game. Your character, Hopmon must collect all the crystals on the level and return it to the star, while avoiding the monsters.

    Nice graphics and sound.

  • Turbo

    Nice graphics, good sound but I think this game is for 7-12 year old children. All levels almost looks the same. (boring after a while).

  • MajinBuu

    Well, maybe you'll like it if you're a kid under 6! It is a Pac-man clone with good 3D and kiddie type music.

  • Rebecca Aubrey

    Decent little Pacman clone, good graphics and good sound but poor gameplay.

  • Dark Wizard

    This game sucks - it has poor graphics and sound effects.

  • G.g.

    A pretty good 3-d Pacman copy.

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