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Hydro Racers Download

  • Developer: Zonar Games
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Hydro Racers

This is a racing game which has little to do with anything related to “hydro” at all.

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  • Gohst

    In a game vaguely reminiscent of the arcade classic Spy Hunter, you are a lone car travelling up a highway. Along the way, there are other types of cars around which have different methods that you need to figure out how to deal with.

    The two main cars are the defenceless type which either travel up the screen, in the same direction as you. Or down the screen, in the opposing direction. Along the way its your goal to collect fuel canisters which lay around on the road. These refuel you and allow for continued driving.

    As you progress further up the endless highway, the road becomes more cluttered and faster, homing cars come for you. Try to trap these, and the cop cars, behind other cars so they explode. Unlike you, a sideways hit doesn’t injure them.

    A distraction, at best, Hydro Racers is a mildly enjoyable, but somewhat strangely compelling game. Try it out if you’re in the search for something non-commital.

  • Christian Nack

    I mean, I bet the person didn't even make this game. It looks exactly like one of the example games that came with Game Maker.

  • Yo mum

    I do not like it. I wish it was under water or something, you know?

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