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IceBreaker Download

  • Developer: mattdm
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Very good clone of the highly popular Jezzball (from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack)

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  • Mr mike

    Very simple but very addictive game. You are given a square with 2 small penguins (balls in the original JezzBall) bouncing around. You have to click your mouse (right click changes cutting direction) and cut away pieces of the block without the pengiuns touching you. Once you have cut away more than 75% of the block you proceed to the next stage, each stage adds a pengiun, and gives you a few more lives.

    Challenging and addictive little game!

  • GamerOFUniverse

    A good Jezzball-type game! Cute with the penguins added in! Not very exciting, but is just light, no-nonsense fun. I wish more lives were given, though.

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