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Jardinains Download

  • Developer: Tom Darby
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Jardinains is one of the best rated Breakout clones around!

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  • Adam Box

    This game is, quite simply, superb.

    There is nothing cooler than this game, you have to get this game it's as simple as that. Basically the idea of this game is to use a paddle, controlled by you, to bounce around a little ball.

    When the ball hits a brick it dissapears. When all the bricks have dissapeared, you move to the next level and start again. Sounds like something you've played before? Well, don't despair! This game is still worth the relatively small download.

    So, in games like this, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get the basic idea of the game down. But after that, what else is there? Well, this game has little bonuses in spades! Most games like this you'll get rocket ball or something which will just demolish any brick in its path, or a shield incase you miss the ball it wont be lost.

    This game has these and is not too creative when it comes too the type of pick-ups you can get, extra lifes, double points, etc. but something Jardinains does, is it lets you use them in conjunction. For example, collect two "double points" and you have quadruple points. collect another for six times the points! If you collect one that blows up several bricks when it hits them, you can use it with ones that eat through all the bricks for total annihilation!

    This game is really, really, really, really, fun. You will be shocked and amazed you are getting this game for free. It has complex statistics tracking your highest score, higest level, averages and one I like, the time you've spent playing this addictive game!

    It is hard to say how much you need this super game. Do yourself a favour and download it right away! You will not be dissapointed. Oh, and I forgot to mention the gnomes in this game. Well, the gnomes are... the gnomes are... well, I'll leave that up to you to find out.

    Good luck and happy playing.

  • Chris

    The game starts as a simple breakout game, but soon little gnomes pop out of the bricks smile and wave at your paddle and then start to throw pots at it which takes points away from you, which makes you mad so you bounce the metal ball towards the gnome knocking him off the brick so that he falls and then you bounce him of the paddle over and over for revenge and extra points. You get points for every brick you break; when all the bricks are clear you go to the next level. You can get power ups and power downs that drop from some of the bricks such as:
    Larger paddle
    Smaller paddle
    Slower ball
    Faster ball
    Twin lasers
    Fire ball
    Explosive ball
    Acid ball

    Ball clone: Makes a clone for each ball you have... you can make as many as you can keep from dropping.

    Banana: Makes the gnomes all slip and fall

    Bomb: I am not really sure, I think it has something to do with gnomes... lol

    No smoking symbol: If you get this power down, your paddle shrinks, the ball gets really fast, and the gnomes laugh at you. lol

    All in all, it is a really fun game.

  • Mr mike

    If you are a fan of Breakout then this game is a game for you, with many top reviewers calling it the best Breakout clone that they have seen.

    Jardinains has fifty different levels of play. As you progress the levels get more difficult, but there are lots of powerups to help you. Another nice feature of Jardinains is that it tracks your performance statistics from your past games, it also auto-saves your game for you.

    Included in Jardinains is a fully functional level editor and if you visit the Jardinains website you can download many extra levels to play.

    I have found that the deflector does move a bit too quickly compared with the ball in this game, other than that Jardinains is a good game and is sure to keep you busy for quite a while.

  • Jennie Lamond

    Well, Here is a totally addictive game based on the time honoured tradition of Brickout, but with so much more.

    Firstly, there are a bunch of different things you can pick up as advantages and these things are more or less advantagious depending on the level you are playing.

    Then there are the disadvantages that drop down to haunt you. Watch out for the 'no smoking' type things! It is amazing that such a simple premice of a game can incorporate strategic thought, especially involving all the additional things like guns and wider paddles etc. Some are useful sometimes and others other times, and sometimes the good ones can be a disadvantage.

    Most of all after playing this game, I just don't like gnomes anymore.

  • Alan

    Bounce bounce bounce.. don't start playing with only 2 hours to go till bedtime. It is very addictive. A makeover for this game turns it into Harry Potter game.

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