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JelloCar Download

  • Developer: Walaber
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Take the graphic stylings of Crayon Physics, add the insane racing fun of Route960. Enjoy.

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  • Gohst

    When a game comes along which says “The game is about driving a squishy car through squishy worlds,” there is zero chance that its not going to be fun.

    So hop aboard the JelloCar and drive across the JelloWorld in the hopes of eventually squishing your way toward the target goal.

    It’s not all fun and games in JelloWorld, though – devious traps have been set up in order to stop your squishy vehicle from reaching the end. These include platforms with no support, which bend and flex under your weight. There are mousewheels which the car rides atop of, hoping that it doesn’t roll away from underneath. Giant wheels with platforms inside them become mazes of themselves on the quest to conquer the wider level.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a bizarre game without a nice bizarre feature. This one? Hit the space bar and watch your car inflate well over four times its size to become some sort of JumboJelloCar. With its ridiculously huge tyres, roll quickly over otherwise impenetrable terrain. In one level a claw comes down which you inflate inside to wedge yourself in – it then carries you across a ravine before you deflate, drop out of the claw, and land safely on the other side.

    Included are seventeen levels and a comprehensive level editor for extended enjoyment. The options include changing the graphics from the Crayon Physics style to a more ABA Games shape world or more specifically like Masashikun Hi! some level graphics are annoying, others are quite pleasant to the eye. What the game succeeds in doing, though, is providing a sufficiently different style of play from its recent contemporaries. Also, visit the creators site for a version of the game playable on the X-Box 360. Unique, stylistic and utterly hilarious, JelloCar is not one to miss.

  • NoN

    this game's brilliant! i can't emphasize enough how much pleasure this game's brought me in the short time since i downloaded it!

    it's like a cross between those 2d motocross obstacle games and, well, something completely different involving jello

    the graphics, while not breathtaking, are exactly what's required in a game like this and the sound effects are cute to say the least.

    the challenging level design and nifty game physics work hand in hand to create a truly unique gaming experience in which the only flaws i can find are that it's too much fun to put down, but with not enough levels to satisfy in the long term

    i can honestly say that after playing this game, i've become a huge fan of squishy gelatin cars, both sedans and monster trucks, and i'm sure that anyone else who plays it will feel the same. at least till they've finished all the levels

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