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Jumper 3 Download

  • Developer: Matt Thorson
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Jumper 3

Ogmo the robot from the classic Jumper series is back and this time he's got company.

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  • Comet

    The news of Ogmo's return has definitely sent a positive jolt to my excitement glands. Upon playing it through (to the second last level), however, I must say it had been a bit of a disappointment. Of course, that is not to say it is a bad game, merely that it did not exceed, or even meet, perhaps, the high standard its predecessor had set.

    Notable Features:
    - Brand new flavours of Ogmo, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special moves!
    - New level objects (ex. fellow Ogmo-like creatures that help Ogmo when he is near)
    - New graphic style (more flashy but retro at the same time)
    - New control (two keys in addition to the four arrows)
    - New physics (well... I guess it could be explained as the result of being on a different planet...)
    - Various ways to beat a single level (in various forms)
    - Coins to collect and hats to buy
    - Trophies to collect for beating levels in (ridiculously) short amounts of time

    - New flavours of Ogmo are awesome! Though it would've been nicer if everything else were kept the way they were in Jumper II...

    - New levels are not as wonderfully frustrating as Jumper II... still frustrating on some of the later levels, but not nearly as wonderfully...
    - Coins are actually a huge negative for me as they don't quite fit into the game... not to mention you could now buy your way to the next level >=(
    - New controls = huge nuissance. Especially when you meant to choose a different Ogmo but end up buying your way to the next level by accident...
    - New physics = pain in the ass! Not the flu shot needle kind of pain, but (I'll skip on the next metaphor here)! "Classic Ogmo" plays like Ogmo trying to drive on Speed! And the result is usually akin to Ogmo taking barbituate with a can of beer... (i.e. dead. Very quickly)

    The Verdict:
    Graphics & Sound: 7
    Gameplay: 7
    Replayability: 7

    +0.5 because the score may have been higher if it weren't compared to the rest of the series.

    Get Jumper II first!

    Overall: 7.5

  • Gohst

    Ogmo the genetically engineered robot is back. Let their be rejoicing in the streets, followed by lots of cursing at computer screens.

    In this very flashy update, Ogmo's world has been covered in beautiful graphics and draped in additional extras. Take for example the ability to buy hats with coins collected. Very stylish.

    Ogmo is not alone in this version, oh no. Far from his origins in Jumper! and Jumper Two, he is in a strange place thousands of years away.

    In this land are big blobs with the ability to split Ogmo into various forms. For example, into a pink variant, which has the ability to float for a time. Green has control of slime and there are more colours to be had later. Selecting these forms at the start of each level will allow you to either finish, or fail the level, depending on what character you choose.

    The game is noticeably far removed from its simplistic origins, and as a "veteran" of the series, I find it hard to control the little creature. The graphics are nice, but often clutter the screen and switching between the characters, I find, often adds to the difficulty by having to recall each's moves and quirks.

    That said, it's still a great adventure in one of the best ever jump'n'run platform series around. It is said there are around fifty levels to be enjoyed (and cursed) which also makes it a lengthy installment. Revisiting Ogmo in this new edition is certainly worth your time.

  • Anonymous

    Another very good sequel in a very good series. I liked this better than 1 and 2. I found it slightly easier, but still the unique challenge we've come to expect and love from the Jumper series. The addition of extra powers is a very welcome addition, expanding the replay value and strategy factor. Worth the many hours you will spend on it.


  • Anonymous

    It's an alright game, you might like it if you like other games like "n". It's another platformer...with a twist

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